"We Are Masacote" 2013 Campaign

“We Are Masacote” — Meet Jyoti

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Read transcript below of Jyoti’s own words….

“We are Masacote” — Meet Masacote Student Jyoti

Masacote Student Jyoti in actionJyoti: “My name is Jyoti Puri, and I’ve lived in the Boston area for the last…many years, but originally I’m from India.”

How did you get started with Salsa?

Jyoti: “…Just on a whim…It looked like a fun thing to do, and I said to my husband one day…’Let’s take a few lessons,’ and the plan was I’d take 6, you know, we’d take 6, 7 lessons together and then we’d be out Salsa dancing. That was about 4 years ago…”

What led you to Masacote?

Jyoti: “What happened was I was taking…lessons…at a different studio…and this happened I think for about 2, maybe 2.5 years…So I was taking lessons with them, and initially it was great. I learned a lot..you know, and…I felt I was making progress, but the problem was that I, when I was on the dance floor, if I was dancing with somebody other than people who take lessons at the same studio, I would get into trouble right away, and I felt like I couldn’t keep up, and that often times people who were really good dancers were expressing musicality in their movement, through their body in a way that I admired but couldn’t keep up with.

So I asked around and eventually found my way to Masacote company, and this was maybe about a year ago at this point, and I have no desire to go anywhere else since then.”

What do you love about Masacote?

Jyoti: “In a nutshell I would say the attention to the fundamentals of the dance, which include connection, technique, and most of all musicality.

It is stressed here in a way that I…I find absolutely useful, and I find that…to be essential to me growing as a dancer…so…And that it’s done in such a wonderful way. Both Ana, Joel, as well as the other teachers are…amazing. I love the tone that they set…There’s a way in which they communicate the instruction…that makes it both easy to understand…as well as it’s done in a very supportive, encouraging way…

And then there is this sort of broader community of students…you know, that’s great, and people are just generally very…upbeat and supportive, and then when you go out socially…you often run into a few of them. So it just, you know, it feels like very comfortable, and wonderful environment, and where I feel like I really am getting the essence of the dance…in a way that is going to…sustain me and stay with me so, that’s what’s keeping me here.

How has Masacote transformed your life?

Jyoti: “It’s made me a better dancer, and by that I don’t mean just…in terms of executing dance moves on the floor…on the floor since I’ve joined them…but there’s a way in which…Joel’s instruction and Ana’s instruction in particular has made me attentive to musicality to go deeper into it in a way that I had not anticipated.

And I’m not a particularly…musically oriented person. I love the dancing…and the music is nice…but I wouldn’t say I’m a naturally…naturally oriented to music…But there’s a way…the, the way in which Joel has explained the sort of, the importance of it, the timing…the understanding of music, and understanding it to the point where you start to actually see it in it’s most…fundamental and simple, simplest of structures…That’s, that’s had more of an impact on me than I had anticipated.

I can’t say enough about the instruction. I really can’t, and I think there are lots of good teachers, and I do do other forms of dancing as well, so I have a sense of a wide range of dance instructors….but, you know, that kind of careful, thoughtful, supportive attention to making people better dancers by getting them to understand the fundamentals of salsa…I think it’s absolutely unmatched and…I really, I couldn’t have asked for anything more, and that’s what keeps me here, and I hope to…be taking lessons with them…for a while to come.”

Become a member of the Masacote Family by taking classes in person at our Cambridge, Manchester, or Portsmouth locations, or on our exclusive online dance studio.


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