About Masacote

Masacote Entertainment is a Salsa Entertainment Company based in Boston, MA (USA) focused on Music & Dance Services and products. It consists of…

  1. The Masacote Dance Company – A professional troupe of touring dancers/instructors that travels to teach and perform around the world.
  2. The Masacote School – A dance school located in the Cambridge & Boston area that offers dance instruction for people of all ages and level abilities.
  3. The RitmoMasacote Orchestra – A 13 piece Salsa/Timba orchestra comprised of some of Boston & NY’s top musicians.

The company is directed by husband and wife team Ana & Joel Masacote who believe that Salsa is an experience that can positively impact your life and perceptions.

Transform your life through Salsa Music & Dance! Join Masacote by taking classes in Boston, NH, or online, attending our Boston events, catching a show by the company while in town, or purchasing our music!


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