The Masacote Vision

Ana & Joel Masacote, a husband and wife team, met at a small Salsa Social in NYC in 2001. That encounter sparked an idea of a company that could bridge the disconnect often seen between music and dance. Ana & Joel decided to merge their talents to launch a new startup: Masacote Entertainment. Through it, they aimed to foster an appreciation for Salsa as a sophisticated artistic form in mainstream media and shape the perception of Latin Dance.

Over a decade later, the company is still growing strong. Masacote Entertainment believes in the transformative effect music and dance can have on people’s lives, and the company aspires to engender that change around the world.

Originally founded in Okinawa, Japan in 2003, the company is now based in Boston, MA USA and has since performed and taught in 30+ countries across 5 continents. Appearances include China, Australia, Tunisia, Japan, Korea, Italy, England, and more.


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